Thursday, 17 December 2009 history

I've been interested in photography all my life really. I would say film has had the biggest influence on me, being an avid movie watcher i was always drawn to the great compositions and lighting in movies. A photograph is one frame of film afterall.
I didn't have a camera growing up, but my parents had a camera for family events and days out. I always enjoyed (and still do) flicking through old photo albums and seeing my mum and dad and other family and friends in their younger and youthful days. This is one of the beauties of photogrpahy, capturing a moment for future generations to see, to talk about and to hopefully enjoy it.
I recently bought an Olympus Digital SLR camera and started a photogrpahy course to get to grips with my new toy. I'm enjoying photography more than ever and i'm amazed at how much i see around me, what i didn't see before. There is a photo waiting to be taken all around us.